HUDacademy provides Professional Competence Training (PCT) programs for taxi drivers.

The ’HUDacademy’ programme helps create a safer, better drivers and more competitive customer services within the industry.

HUDacademyis a classroom training program that invites professionals from all over the commercial transportation industry including the Police, TrafiCOM, Financial sector, Insurance services among others.

Our partnership arrangement involves most major cities where we operate and government institutions that are direct stakeholders within the Transportation industry..

The program consist of intensive 14 days training activities. These learning process covering all essential taxi driver skills which are introduced through experts, online exercises and group work.

Training materials are tailor-made to the taxi community. The impact and success of the course is such that it holds the potential to be rolled out to stakeholders in other fields, to benefit wider and even more diverse professional driving communities.

HUDacademy trains the professional taxi community on topics such as:

Driver well-being
Economic driving
Finnish and English Language skills
Emergency management
Personal safety
Social interaction and customer service
Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers like all other professional drivers need to deliver service excellence. Vocational training helps ensure quality service to passengers, safe working conditions for drivers and increased competitiveness.

Training requirements for taxi drivers vary greatly between cities and countries but the principles of being a professional driver are the same everywhere. The HUDAcademy Training Course focuses on industry best practices.

Who is the course for?

Suitable for all taxi drivers, the course is particularly useful for companies wanting to introduce short, practical induction training for new recruits or retrain their existing workforce.

The course is available online to apply for or by downloading application form here.

What you will learn?

• Driver well-being
• Ergonomics
• Complacency
• Emergency situation management
• Personal safety
• Customer care and interaction
• Conflict management
• Eco-driving

PCT Course structure

Participants receive the PCT certificate when they have passed the theory test and practical assessment.

The course is made up of theory and practical sessions. Group work, supervision and coaching activities. Most theory programs are held in classrooms with a supervised profession instructor. The practical part takes place over a day combining city driving with role-playing exercises and case studies.

Why train with the HUDAcademy?

All HUDAcademy training programmes:

• Integrate best practice
• Students receive direct training in their mother tongue
• Help harmonise industry professional qualification standards at the global level
• Are designed and trained by industry experts
• Guarantee the highest level of quality, consistency and accuracy
• Are regularly updated to reflect new and amended legislation and latest technical developments

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